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.one offDenim patchwork・某メーカーチェアの替布・アウトドアだけでなくインドアでも使えるクオリティComing Soon※現在強度テスト中



chimera works製ハンモックの販売を開始いたしました.. ※画像1・2枚目がパンフレット、3・4枚目が取説.A4を両面印刷して二つ折りにすると見やすい冊子になる様にデザインしました。ご興味ある方は是非印刷してご利用下さい.youtubeチャンネル [chimera works]ではchimera works製ハンモックの使い方・張り方についてを公開中 [youtube] [web] [お問い合わせ]DMまたは別注・コラボのご相談も承ります).design: @tokio_end 部材設計: @local_local_garden  We have started selling the hammock made by chimera works. . *The first and second images are pamphlets, and the third and fourth images are manuals. We designed the booklet so that it can be easily read by printing the A4 on both sides and folding it in half. If you are interested, please print it out and use it. . Youtube channel [chimera works] shows how to use and stretch the chimera works hammock [youtube] [web] [Contact] DM or (We accept custom-ordered and collaborative consultations) . design: @tokio_end Material design: @local_local_garden



about us chimera (heterologous)= A + B * or A × B= New discovery, value HeadingCrossed over business formats and genresActivities and working styles.The works that were born thereSometimesBring you new play and fun,SometimesI hope it will be integral to your new lifeenjoy for new little happiness !